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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freezing Temperatures Are Coming

I was just reading an article today which highlighted protecting our plants and vegetables as best we can from freezing temperatures. It's been beautiful weather lately, but I know the cold is coming. I don't want to get caught in the cold- Lol!

With busy holiday times coming up, it's best to be proactive about these things. I previously purchased a product called Reemay or Row Cover. It's a spun polyester-type fabric which allows the light and water in, but keeps the freezing cold out, to a certain degree.

I put it over some select plants last year, like my lemon tree, Gardenia, and some potted plants which are stored outside. This year, however, I have a fall vegetable garden planted. Most of the plants can withstold some degree of cold, or even freezing temperatures. But, let's face it, not too many plants prefer that kind of treatment. Particularly, the lettuces, and the mustard greens need to be covered. They are in raised beds, so I'd like to come up with some kind of elevated supports for the row cover, even though it's light enough to float right on top. I just know that we get terrential downpours and it could easily mush the row cover ontop of the plants which are still pretty young. I'm pondering some way to get something like plastic tubing and arch it over the beds, creating one long archway to lay the row cover on top. I may have to look at the hardware store for some lightweight pvc pipe or something and then maybe something like rebar to insert the tubing over? I'll keep you posted.

Just a reminder for those that have plants outdoors which are tender to frost, please don't procrastinate. Get them covered. Note: plastic can sometimes "bake" plants on warm sunny days - not advised if you're not being mindful.

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  1. Great, Lisa. I 'll be following your blog.