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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travel Day and Progress for change

I'm joining the masses of people out on the roads today to travel and see family for Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. The sad news on the environment, my husband and I are taking separate vehicles because he's only staying a couple days while I stay longer. The good news on the environment is I'm picking up my cousins at the bus station in Vallejo. So, maybe that counter balances some of the gas consumption and the carbon foot-print. The other good news is I don't travel very much, so I've saved up my "travel" all year long!

We're having an organic turkey this year and lots of other food. Typically we spend the day(s) cooking in our sweats and jammies and drinking champagne ;)

My cousin, Jennie, is having her first baby and we're having a baby shower for her on Saturday with a pasta bar for food. That will be really fun, too.

For anyone who doesn't think that emails and phone calls for political action do not make a difference, think again. The Organic Consumer Association (OCA) puts out an e-newsletter contained with valuable information, and recently I read that P.E. Obama's team was considering former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack for position of USDA Secretary of Agriculture. The article went on to state "Vilsack has been an ardent supporter of Monsanto, genetically engineered crops, and corn and soy-based biofuels." I sent my opposition via an online petition and forwarded to several friends and family. News today says the OCA received 8,000 signatures urging Obama to take a strong stand in organic food and farming. As a result, Vilsack's nomination has been removed. There are numerous other people up for nomination, some good and some not, so the work isn't over. We must continue to support the better path of future food production and support organic. If you wish to read more on this from OCA, click here.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your trip went well.

  2. Thanks! I had a great Thanksgiving and trip went very well.