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Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Friday!

Today is a beautiful day and I feel like life is really flowing for me. I know that sounds cliche, but you probably recognize when you've had times in life that really clicked, everything just starts falling into place. We become aware of it, and it happens more. Then, somehow we get distracted and stop being aware of it, and it doesn't click again. I've been listening to Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction, the one for money!, and I feel like I've fully stepped into the "river of life". (What's the concensus? quotation before the period or after?) Abraham-Hicks presents a story about river rafting, correlating it to how we live our lives. They claim that it's not about the attainment or acquisition of the things we want, it's about enjoying tapping into life and feeling the flow of energy move through us and our lives, and yes, we deserve to have all the abundance awaiting us. The story, in it's summary, is about river rafting and that we don't take our raft out and say let's just get to the bottom of the river so we can "get there." It's about the enjoyment of going down the river, in the flow, not fighting it. One doesn't typically raft upstream, either. Go with the flow...enjoy the ride. Where are you in relationship to "the river?"

Today I found out the grant I was working so hard on in October for the Agency I work for has been funded! It was highly competitive and it will be highly beneficial. Mother Lode Consortium was awarded $485,730 to serve Veterans over the next few years, helping them with job training, licensing and certificates, and ultimately sustainability through valuable and meaningful work. I'm so thrilled.

Also, tonight is my first night of gathering of close friends to start the go-green group. What it will evolve into has yet to be determined. I just knew I had to be a leader in this area of going green, sustainability, etc. I've been intending this for a couple of years now: it's time for action!

Have a beautiful day ;)


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  1. I know what you mean about those days when everything seems in harmony. It's like getting all the green lights at intersections because all the stupid drivers have stayed home.

    I think the quote goes after the period.