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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Abundance and Prosperity

Being in the river of life, so to speak, can sometimes be overwhelming and interesting, particularly for those of us that need to have everything under control. Yesterday, I noticed manifestation in full force when my husband announced he wanted to get my art studio built, and when I was able to lock in a refinance rate of 5.0%. I have been visualizing these things for a couple years now. They are coming to fruition…and I am so excited. I was awake most of the night mulling them over in my head with a whirl of thoughts. Some overwhelm, some excitement, some worry, etc. It’s interesting to notice the times where I’m not “going with the flow” but worrying and doubting. I recognize this as the place where “flow” stops – an eddy perhaps? I was cognizant to get back in the flow this morning. So I did my recent visualization of mentally receiving an additional $1,000 each day and then mentally spending that money. This morning, I was up to $11,000 to receive and spend. I also recognized this morning that I have consciously been giving more, like on Freecycle, and just in general. This is all part of the flow. I’ve read about it before in books. When I mentally received my money, I took 10% off the top to pay myself first and then I spend a portion of it to pay my Mom’s mortgage payment to alleviate her from paying it, and from my best friend paying rent for this month. This still left me with enough to pay for a new art studio (all virtually of course). But, since I’ve started this, I’ve been able to visualize paying off my credit card debt, socking away some money toward retirement, acquiring solar panels, and helping others. I’ve noticed this practice creates a great flow of energy. Tomorrow I’ll have $!2,000 to spend. I’m looking forward to the day I receive enough money to pay off my student loan, and then there will come a day when I can pay off my mortgage. All this in one year! Can you imagine receiving this kind of money? It’s fantastic!

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