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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Once you start getting in the green loop, it’s everywhere. Everyone is touting going Green and/or Sustainable. However, what does that really mean? If they change out their light bulbs to CF light bulbs, does that mean they’re green? What about a vineyard that installs solar power and wind power, but still uses chemicals on their grapes, rather than go Organic? To what degree do we as individuals take this? That is the grand questions.

In my opinion, if we gradually awaken ourselves to the needs of the environment and ourselves and our future, then we can gradually awaken ourselves to the changes we choose to make. That is the key word, choose. All of our choices are ours to make. We have the curse and the privilege to make. But, how do we, as a society of humans, individually make our decisions? Is it based on assumption, or values, or both? We make assumptions based on outside factors combined with beliefs. Most of the time, we make our evaluations and assumptions from input received in short, perceivable, snippets. Maybe its sparked by a conversation with someone, or from a commercial on TV, the “news,” or sometimes from thin air – out of our own heads. More importantly, when it’s something we have a passion for, or are interested in the moment, it seems to come into our reality more often. Have you ever been in the market for a new car and then all of a sudden, you see that same car everywhere you go? My Dad recently sent me a video on the net which exemplified perception really well. The speaker showed a short video of a group of teens throwing the basketball back and forth. Before hand, he asked that the audience count the times the basketball was being tossed for a subset group within the video. He also upped the ante and said usually one gender gets it wrong. I, along with the audience, intently watched and counted until the end. The speaker asked if anyone noticed anything unusual. I did not see anything unusual. I simply counted. Hence, there was a person in a gorilla suit that entered the middle of the circle and jumped around. I never saw it. My perception was focused and eliminated any unnecessary information. Virtually, it’s the same with everything we do in life. How we do anything is how we do everything. Therefore, when there is something we are focused upon, we perceive it a certain way. It does not mean that all the facts are there, nor there’s anything else to take into consideration. A song I once knew goes “It’s all how you look at it and how you perceive.” - Pele Juju. What a great verse.

How does this all relate to my topic today? I feel the more we look at things from an observer or macro perspective, and the more we gather information, the better off we’ll be to truly make our own decision toward the progress we want to make in this world with our own contributions to making it a better place.

My intention is to provide information from many perspectives and resources to you in and around the topics of consciously living as it relates to self, others, animals, and planet. My specific focus is saving our environment now and in the future, becoming healthy beings through spiritual nourishment and earthly nourishment (organic foods that we consume), and doing good for others and community through social change. It’s broad and I suspect I will either have a great time exploring and sharing with you on these, or I will narrow it down. Either way, I’m all about having fun with this, following my passion, and believing and trusting the money will come – for we all deserve our own fortunes, abundance, and prosperity. I type this as I remind myself, it’s not about the acquisitions, it’s about being in the flow. Being in this genre of sustainability is my flow.

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