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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be open, practice your awareness daily.

Let’s start with the basics. While some of the tips you may already know, there will be new ones to give you pause for thought: a deeper sense of realization. Stay open to the information and really examine how you can best integrate these practices into your life and influence others.

Being Green can mean so many different things for different people, and it can be taken to varying levels. If you’re operating on green principles already, ask yourself to what level have I lived this, and what level can I take it? Can I take it one step further? Be open; practice your awareness daily.

They say it takes 21 days to establish and integrate a new habit into your life. Let’s face it, though, one only keeps the habit for as long as they want to. Sometimes habits drop, and we need to become mindful of them again, reestablishing the 21 day implementation period.

Sign up for the Green Buzz ezine today and participate in the next 6-week program to establish new habits in your life. Together we will establish the foundation of our living green, organic, and sustainable. You will examine how you REALLY choose to live, and take it to the next level

As a result you will:

- Be living more consciously, feeling alive and vibrant.
- Be making a great contribution for the betterment of yourself, others, and the planet.
- Have valuable information to share with others that are like-minded.
- Save money and reduce costs by making economical, eco-friendly choices.
- Have an arsenal of tools and bright ideas for your launch pad toward future green and sustainable living.

First step is to sign up for Green Buzz ezine, confirm delivery in first email (check junk mail just in case), and begin buzzing your way toward conscious living.

Second step, write down everything you’ve accomplished thus far toward a green, organic, and sustainable journey. Then, write down what you’re grateful for. This step is very powerful in itself to create mindset shifts. Write down what you would like to gain over the next six weeks. Finally, send them to the Green Queen Bee to declare your intentions.


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