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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winding Down 2008, Ramping Up 2009

2008 has been an interesting year for me. My theme for the year was Intentional Harmony and Bountiful Abundance. I would say by the garden harvest, it was certainly bountifully abundant! I must have harvested six bushels of tomatoes, at least. Can you say lots of tomato sauce?


For the year, I intended to indulge in hobbies/craft, enjoy my home and garden, move my body, think abundance and plentiful, honor my free time by staying present, acting with intention, and living consciously. For my family, I intended to cherish my parents, be open-hearted with Stephen, and spend time with my husband. For my career I set out to find-create additional sources of income for backup purposes and debt reduction, step into visionary and leading edge thinking, honor myself as a leader, and recognize my accomplishments. I would say I accomplished about 85% of that. Not too bad. I’m still working on being open-hearted with Stephen, and recognizing my accomplishments. I think it would be grand to create an “Accomplishments” page in a planner to make note of pinnacles and milestones throughout the year. If I had done that I could pull up that page and copy it down here.


In early 2008, I went from a worrying, struggling entrepreneur to being employed at my previous job as of April! I am so thankful to have the income which covers my living expenses on a regular basis. I'm also grateful for the fact that I know this job and am comfortable with the people and the activities. I am grateful that I no longer have to fret and worry over income. That was heavy and wore me down. That kind of stress crosses over into other areas of life, creating more stress and dis-ease. I now recall that I was sick for all of January last year.

The sacrifice of entrepreneurship and financial worries leaves me wanting to be home more and working out of my home office. I did it for eight years and am longing for that again, without the worries of money this time around.

New Horizons

I have been searching for a way to make extra income and do what I love. As a result, I’ve been developing a new business at the latter part of this year, with major launch pads during 2009. I have founded Conscious Living Circle and Green Queen Bee. Actually, Conscious Living Circle is the primary business, while Green Queen Bee is more of a playful alias. The focus is all about going green, organic, sustainable and being conscious of ourselves and how we “walk on this earth.” I’m here to model and help others make adjustments in their lives to live a life that will bring them more health, wealth, and abundance through living green and consciously. While the vision is big, it’s the little things that matter most, like daily practices of being mindful of recycling, turning off lights, using less energy, less resources, living simpler. Also, the practice stems inward as well: ensuring we give importance to the people and activities that mean the most to us, and that we pay attention to our own physical and mental health. Ultimately, it’s about living up to the best that we can be, tapping into all that is available to us, beyond just the daily grindstone of living.

What’s next? I’ll be starting the year by kicking off a very important workshop to set the tone for 2009, and to set intentions for your self, family, career, home, garden, and community. This will be a powerful workshop which will lift your success to the next level and bring a strong sense of balance in your life. I believe 2009 is going to be a big year of change for many on an individual basis and globally. Make sure you ground your intentions and keep your focus on your fortunes of the year to come.

In addition, beginning the first of the year, I’ll be starting a 6 week ezine course on Living a Greener Life. Each week will be a new topic that will move you forward on your path, helping you establish new habits which integrate nicely into your life. If you know of someone that would be interested in this, please forward this message to them so they may sign up. Or, they may simply sign up by emailing Greenbuzz at aweber dot com. Tell them to check their junk mail for a confirmation email so they can start receiving their goods.

See you in the exciting and fruitful new year of 2009!!!

Green Queen Bee

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