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Sunday, December 14, 2008

gift of free music download

In the summer time, when my pool was set up, and it was very hot out, I was listening to reggae music, relaxing. One of the bands I recently was turned on to is Rootz Underground. Low and behold, I heard they were going to be in concert during July in Santa Cruz - on my son's 18th birthday! I had to take a road trip with my son to see the show. It was a lineup of about 4 or 5 bands, and Rootz Underground stole the show. They kicked ass! They had such high energy, and -- well, I have to admit, the singer is very attractive :)- I digress! Mostly, though, they captured my attention 100% mesmerizing. I was in the groove with them. I love their songs, rhythm, and ENERGY! This band is definitely worth while seeing if you ever have the opportunity. In the meantime, they are offering a FREE download of their entire LIVE album for a limited time. Go get yours here:

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