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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This train is rollin’

Are you on it?

Here it is: Law of Attraction in full force. What we think about, and feel an emotional connection with, we attract. I have obviously been thinking a lot about this “green” movement and as a result have been receiving numerous, no, massive quantities of green this, and green that, clean technology, green economy, green jobs initiatives, go green, sustainable, and on and on it goes. There is much movement being made by Corporations, Government, businesses, and individuals. That’s a great thing! We are in a time of great change and it truly is exciting to watch it unfold.

However, it is giving me a bit of anxiety and a sense of urgency. I have been a strong supporter and “believer” in this movement for several years now, and have made strides in my own life and home to make changes. It is past due for me to share with the world, become an important figure in this change, and make a profitable business related to it. I want to live my passion and be a successful entrepreneur. It’s time for me to examine where I am presently, where I want to go, and develop all the steps in between in order to ensure that I am on the train and not on a hand cart behind it. Where are you?

This time of year is a natural one for reflection, looking back at past accomplishments, and looking forward to the new year. It’s no wonder there are so many “business” planning workshops. I’ve participated and conducted business planning sessions before. I’m in the process of developing a more holistic planning program for myself, and to share with others. It’s more about a “life theme” for the next year, and includes some business stuff, too. It’s about being content with your journey you take next year through visualizing, planning, and creating the adventure. Yes, milestones are wonderful, and acquiring things and accomplishments is gratifying. However, have you ever noticed it’s only temporary before you move on to the next want or desire? Therefore, becoming consciously aware of the process, noticing the transitions, and importantly staying in the flow of life is key. Anybody interested?

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